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This website is operated by NYMMA, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving and advancing information about compassionate care treatments available through New York’s Compassionate Care Act.  The website is purely educational and aims to help individuals make informed decisions about compassionate care treatments.

Compassionate Care: Alternative Treatment for Chronic Pain Available in New York

Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain lasts weeks or months and affects millions of American Adults. There are many different types of pain including back pain, neck pain and headaches and pain caused by medical conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia, nerve damage, and RSD. It also includes pain resulting from injuries or prior surgeries. It can be debilitating but their is hope for people suffering from pain.

Chronic Pain Symptoms

Pain is described in many ways. Pain that is described as being sharp or dull, aching, stinging, squeezing, numbing, shooting, throbbing or like a pins and needles sensation can often be helped by treatment available through the NY Compassionate Care Program.

Get a Medical Card

The process starts by seeing a qualified physician to certify you for a medical card that can be used to obtain alternative treatments from a NY dispensary.

Compassionate Care Alternative Treatment Steps

Obtain certification from a qualified physician

Apply for your medical card online

Receive your medical card in the mail

Visit a dispensary to obtain medicine

Alternative Chronic Pain treatment

Alternative Chronic Pain treatment is available at dispensaries through the NY Compassionate Care Act. It works excellently to decrease most pain. Many patients report being able to decrease other pain medications including strong pain killers such as opioids. Compassionate Care Treatment also tends to be tolerated with fewer side effects than many pain killers.

Qualifying for Alternative Chronic Pain Treatment

When Conventional treatments for chronic pain have been tried but fail to relieve your pain, you may qualify for compassionate care treatment. Chronic Pain treatment available through the NY Compassionate Care Act should always be supervised closely by a qualified physician. This will help ensure the benefits of treatment are realized and the risks of side effects are reduced.

AvatarAbout the author: Dr. Michael Morgenstern is a double board certified neurologist and expert on alternative treatments available through the NY Compassionate Care Program. He is founder of NYMMA and has helped hundreds of patients with compassionate care treatments in Manhattan, Queens and Long Island. This website is part of a non-profit, the NYMMA that is set up to educate you about compassionate care treatments. It does not provide any services or products. Click here to learn more about our organization or feel free to contact us by email or phone.


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